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Bogumil Godfrejow

Joanna Kulig:


“I still remember the cinematography as a great experience. The cinematographer Boguś Godfrejów shot from his hand, approached with the camera very close. It's an arthouse approach, the intimate atmosphere on set was the best introduction to the cinema I was just learning. While still trying, I was afraid of the camera, running away from it, but after a few days of work I completely forgot about it. And then the machine started. I got an award in Gdynia. In this role I was seen by Małgosia Szumowska, Marcin Wrona or Paweł Pawlikowski, who years later invited me to their projects.”



Sandra Hüller:


“On stage, the distance to the audience is large and does not change. In the film, on the other hand, there is extreme closeness. Is such proximity sometimes unpleasant?


It depends on the person holding the camera. There are those who come unpleasantly close to you or take up too much space with their personality. Then there are those who serve the matter, as I also think I do. And then there are some with whom you can literally connect, make a secret pact. With Bogumil Godfrejów at "Requiem" I had the feeling that I could show him everything. He also sees everything. That's the first time I felt like I was ally.”